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Slacker to the max~

I've been wanting to post an entry the last couple of days, but in the end I decided not to...why? That's cause:

1) I get really tired (cause I usually want to post an entry at around 12AM soo... :S
2) There's nothing really THAT interesting anyways
3) I'm just plain lazy...as if I haven't had to work like crazy with the packing and stuff >___>;;

But yes...it's about high-time I got down to post something :P

So...about the world cup...I really wanna meet Paul right now...his predictions were all right!!! He needs to tell me the winning lottery numbers :P But yes...congrats to Spain for winning (I didn't watch the final game cause I was packing...*shrugs*) but I DID watch the Germany-Uruguay game...and GERMANY WON!!! :DD Congrats to them getting third!!! :DD Hehe yeah I definitely didn't miss that game...I even watched the replay of it cause I was gonna miss the second half XDD Ahh...another 4 years till another world cup - 2014 Brazil huh?

Away from world cup business...I'm glad I'm moving cause I realized now how much of a cheapo my landlord is. I got a clogged sink in the kitchen last Friday and when it turns out that we need a professional plumber to get things done, he refused to get me one for Saturday cause it was too expensive!! Wtf?? But in the end, he had to get us one on Sunday...>____>;;

I'm looking around my war zone of a room and realize...I'm halfway done packing...it's just the little bits and pieces I have left (but I won't be moving those till the end of the month...then that's when I'll definitely say goodbye to my old place...). Well, a new start in a new place sounds good :)

Anyways, nothing else new to report :P so off I go...maybe another (shorter) post tonight? Hehe maybe...

-Susie >3<


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