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I need more adventures~

...well I don't really consider today's outing an "adventure" really...it was more of just hanging out. It was still fun though don't get me wrong! :) Before anything else though, yes yes...I know. I said I would use the Hetalia FIFA icons till the world cup was over but...this is an exception alright? Plus...no games were played today (the quarter finals don't start till Friday anyways...)
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It's been wayyyyy too long! D:

Ahhhh it has been WAYYYY too long indeed...my last entry was what...practically 3 months ago!! *sighs* And at that time I thought I'd have enough free time to post daily (yeah right, with summer school and all >___>;; ) So many things happened that I never expected would've happened...

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T-Minus 42 hours D:

It's been a pretty crummy day, what with the weather this morning and all :S
I just needed a break from working on my paper (that's due Thursday) which is why I'm here! ^^;; A good part of my day? Winning a free coffee from Timmies again!!! :DD I wouldn't mind winning the cash though hehe. After such a long time of not going to the doctor's, I went to visit him today (I would've preferred not to >___> ). Of all times to get sick...I get sick near this time (the time of DOOM for me D:< ) Hmm I should get going on this paper of mine before I find myself freaking out about it! 加油加油!!!
~Susie ^3^

Almost done~ :DDD

Ahhh I'm done one of my two last assignments of the year!!! :DDD Now just that one last one and I will be assignment FREE!!!

...hehe that's all for now XP (I do need to sleep cause I have class tomorrow morning...at 9am T^T I still wonder why I chose this course when it's so early in the morning~~ >____<;; ) Hopefully I'll be able to start updating this daily very soon (...maybe after I'm done the last assignment? :D?)

~Susie ^3^


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