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Time's creeping up behind slowly...

I can't believe I'll be moving next week...time truly flies by so fast. I said I would talk about my little outing from yesterday and here it is :3

My friend and I did some quick window shopping to burn some time before going to the bar and grill place to watch the game..I was hunting for a pair of sandals actually...but I couldn't really decide :S I'll probably go sandal shopping with my mom later on instead, she gives good opinions :)

Then there was the game watching itself. I couldn't help but laugh when the people would start screaming and banging on the table...I'm definitely watching the final at home and not outside XDD ...that is if I do watch it...I'm definitely gonna watch the game with Germany and Uruguay though (but probably the replay)! :) Overall it was an interesting experience :) the buffalo chicken was REALLY GOOD though! ...though it could be a bit more spicy (then again I asked for medium spiciness just to be safe).

Then went to another mall for a bit to cool down and enjoy the AC they had :P we were at the pet store...and we saw this American bulldog that was a female. We noticed that she was always sleeping and not being really active like the other dogs were (we were at that pet store just last week and she was sleeping as well). Then we were looking at the dog when another lady told us that the 3 times she's been at the store the dog's been in the same state. Then something heart wrenching happened: the dog opened her eyes and it honestly looked like she was crying...she was looking at the lady and looked like she was crying. I felt saddened by the dog's expression and actions, it was just staring back and trembling...the lady did seem to debate on whether or not to take the dog home (she already had 2 and the price of the dog was pretty expensive), but I hope she does...because the poor dog looked so lonely (she was all alone while the other dogs had a companion...but there was probably a reason...I hope).

Ahhh I feel kinda sleepy, so I'll be taking my leave...till tomorrow.



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