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Yes...I'm kinda experimenting the different blues available (although I don't really see a difference between this one and the one I usually use :S). Anyways, like I said, I'd do a double post today!!! Not much to update however...but I am kinda bored and my computer's being blah so things are loading extra slow...maybe it's the weather??

...yeah right.

I did however, watch today's semi-final game with Uruguay and Netherlands!! ...although I missed the first half :< but congrats to Netherlands for making it into the finals! That game was good...I was on my toes near the very end where Uruguay scored their second goal... there was one thing I didn't really catch however. At the very very end (I think it was when there was something like 10 seconds left?) where the ref gave that yellow card to Van Bommel (I think it was him). It was either I missed something (I was kinda distracted then) or what...but I went wtf?

...but I have to say I'm way more excited for tomorrow's game with Spain and Germany!! *points to icon* hehe Germany looks pretty angry at...something it seems (maybe N.Italy was streaking across the soccer field? LOL) but yes, I shall be watching that game for sure! ...unless something crazy happens which better not *knock on wood*

Hmm...on another note (yeah I'm jumping here and there) my mom didn't explode as much as I'd thought she would (which is a good thing don't get me wrong). Summer's been a tad dull...so dull I'm shifting between 3 things: replaying the Ace Attorney series (can't get sick of it :D), waiting for the weekly releases of Naruto (which drive me nuts with the 17 page chapters...it's not enough to satisfy meeeeeee D: ;_____; ), and...catching up on Hetalia...the biggest pain out of the 3 actually. Especially during these few days...my computer's been running slower than usual...maybe it's cause of the heat? lol I dunno...maybe it's time for me to clean the fan again... >____>;;

Bah...I'm being rushed to go to bed...then again there is a good reason for me to sleep early anyways :S A short post this time...but I'll definitely post tomorrow!! Maybe another double post? XP

Till then, I'm off!

-Susie >3<


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