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Yesterday was day...5 of packing, and one of the worst days yet! It's truly hard to find any sort of peace and quiet...except for the morning where I'm the only one at home. I pray that I won't have to move anytime soon after this time, cause it's like going through a nightmare...to say my mom's stressed isn't enough to cover it.

She blows up quite constantly when annoyed even in the littlest bit. Right now, I'm enjoying the short and sweet moments of peace while I can before they come home. It would make things 10x better if the weather wasn't so sfskjafhsdkfjs...it's way too hot for my liking...I wasn't ever too fond of summer...I'm more of a fall and winter person cause in the winter, you can pile on as many layers as you need to keep warm but in the summer, there's only oh so many layers you can peel off before things get kinda awkward...

Anyways, today's day 1 of the FIFA semi-finals! Netherlands and Uruguay today, then Spain and Germany tomorrow!! Hehe Italy looks so cute in my icon, cheering for Germany and holding the Vuvuzela. Speaking of the vuvuzela, I'm still kinda sad that my prof didn't bring his vuvuzela...

He told us on the last day of class that he wanted to bring in his vuvuzela that he bought for...$96 I think? But he forgot, a girl in my class told him that he could've gotten one on (amazon I believe she said) for about 10 bucks. lol he told us that it wasn't the same cause his vuvuzela had the German flag on it (maybe it's like the one Italy's holding?). My friend asked him to bring it to our exam so he could play it. I personally was excited and was definitely looking forward to him bringing it in cause it would be such an epic exam XD *sighs* but he forgot...ah well :S I'm taking one of his classes next year, maybe he'll do something else that's epic?? *crosses fingers* I hope so...

Hopefully today there will be some peace and quiet when my mom gets home...I highly doubt it though, knowing her temper >___>;; But I can say I'm nearly half done my room...just need the toys and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff lying around to be packed and I should be set and ready to go :) Maybe I'll double post today...one right now, another one later at night :)

Till then, I'm off!

-Susie >3<


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