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What a pineapple!

Ahh Saturdays...one of my favourite days of the week (closely followed by Sunday LOL) for a good reason. It's the day where I go out!! As for Sunday...it's the day where I can for sure sleep in till the late hours of the afternoon (unless something's planned that day) even when I'm in school :D

What does this mean? Well...I'll tell you what that means...

It means that no packing of the sort happened!! w00t! ...wait till tomorrow though...packing shall continue then D:< I went out (as usual on Saturdays) although nothing really special happened (had lunch, went window shopping, bought groceries)... although I DID miss BOTH world cup games cause I had stuff to do in the morning, so I left the house early...but...I did update myself with the scores (as that was the only thing I could really do with what I had...my phone). But yes....seems like it'll be Spain vs. Germany in the semi-finals! So of course I'd use my Germany Hetalia FIFA icon :P I definitely need to watch the semi-finals though!!

Speaking of Hetalia...I've been trying to read the Volume 3 scanlations but my internet's been kinda blah...so the pics don't load properly and ajhdskfhsdkjflhsdf D:<

Today's almost like any other Saturday except for one thing...I CUT MY FIRST EVER PINEAPPLE TODAY!!! :DD LOL I know...wtf right? What's so special about cutting a pineapple? Well...I don't usually like pineapples much before now...oranges, bananas, mangoes, durian<3, and even apples at times...but pineapples? Nahhh...but ever since I ate the entire plate of pineapples at my friend's house (we were there for her birthday) I've been craving it for the longest time. Then...my chance came...I went to the grocery store on Wednesday and found that the pineapples were on sale for A DOLLAR EACH!! It was my chance to grab one!!! Hehe...now it's all cut up and ready to eat tmr!! :DD Although...I didn't know how to cut it...so it turned out REAL fugly...not like those fancy ones that are already cut up for you at the grocery store...oh well. We'll see how this one tastes...if it's good...then I'll get more from now on...and maybe I'll try to get the ones already cut up nicely ^^;;

Till tomorrow, off I gooooooooo~

-Susie >3<


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