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Day 1 of packing...

...packing is definitely a pain. Especially when you have a crap load of stuff and not enough boxes to put them in >___>;; What makes it worse? When your other family members *cough*mymom*cough* get REAL cranky/stressed over it. Yeah yeah I know moving can be pretty stressful but man...

She was like a complete time bomb today...get her ticked and *shudders* oh man oh man...she was packing with the stuff outside, while I was obviously dealing with my landfill of a room. I'm maybe...a third done packing my room? My books are all packed, the misc. stuff I had here and there, my CDs, DVDs, and video games are done too. I just need to deal with my large collection of stuffed toys (which I sadly have to part ways with some...but they'll be donated of course, and hopefully they'll find a nice home :) ), my computer, my clothes, and a bit more of misc. stuff...so maybe I'm almost a third done. Then there's the stuff that's not really mine but was thrown in my room as well...I'll leave that for my dad :P

But a kind of good thing about packing is that I find things that I've long forgotten about. Like when I was picking through my bags and seeing which ones were really worn out, I found what I initially thought was an mp3 player in one of my bags, after being so confused as to why there was an nondetachable cord on one end, I decided to google it to see what would come up. The result? Turns out that it's a REMOTE for an old MD player of mine XDD THAT explains the cord!! lol 

When I look around my room, it looks like I haven't made much progress at all...as there's only 4 boxes sitting in my room, and one empty storage bin...oh, and my kinda empty bookshelf. Maybe a few days later and I'll really feel like I've got things down and ready to go. It only is the first day of packing anyways right? I shouldn't be too stressed about it... :S though my mom's making me think otherwise >___>;; saying that she's stressed REALLY doesn't cover it.

Oh well...I guess I can kinda relaxed after these 2-3 weeks are over *shrugs* but for now, time for me to catch some z's....off I go!!

-Susie >3<

ahhh...about the Cuba pictures...maybe I should hold that off till later...after packing is done :P


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