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I need more adventures~

...well I don't really consider today's outing an "adventure" really...it was more of just hanging out. It was still fun though don't get me wrong! :) Before anything else though, yes yes...I know. I said I would use the Hetalia FIFA icons till the world cup was over but...this is an exception alright? Plus...no games were played today (the quarter finals don't start till Friday anyways...)

Ahh...today was a good day, finally got to hang out with a friend that I haven't seen in a while (lol it's been...a month or two now?). I got my belated bday present from her too! ...although half of the present kinda melted ROFL but it's all good! :P It was fun, we went to the mall (lol we wanted to window shop ok? XD), had lunch, and just hung out being relaxed. On our way there, we both got excited over the fact that we had bus buddies (each other XDD) and that we weren't alone in taking the bus for once!

I didn't end up getting anything besides lunch, my friend didn't either (she did buy stuff for someone else), but in all honesty, we both wanted something really badly...but couldn't get it. What was this thing? Well...it was...

....A CAT (her) and A PUPPY (me)!!! lol The puppies were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!! There was a cute Pomeranian!! X3 Awwww it was so fluffy and cute hehe. There was a pretty Siamese cat too! lol I kept telling my friend to "buy it! The cat's on sale right now!!" but yeah... I'm more of a dog person myself while my friend's the opposite: a cat person more than a dog person. We even thought of living together one day and buying a pet! Will it be a dog or a cat? Hmmm...we'll see XDD

It was a fun day just to hang out with a friend during the summer time, just talking about stuff and catching up with each other~ :3 One thing we agreed on? Hanging out more often before she needs to work!! Our next adventure? Hopefully something fun!!! :DD

I feel really tired now after the whole day...and I'm starting to get a bit of a headache...I should go to bed soon...I shall post soon! Ohhh...maybe I'll post up one picture a day from my trip to Cuba!! :D Sounds like a plan! Hopefully I'll stick to it though.... :P till then, off I gooooooooo!!!

-Susie >3<


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