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Back and ready to go (almost)! :P

After 2 weeks (I think around that much time) of having no internet...I HAVE IT AGAIN!!! :DDD Hehe :)

I'm nearly done settling into my new place, and by next week...I'll definitely be saying goodbye to my old place. Plenty of things have happened alright, mostly moving related though ^^;;

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Let the madness truly begin...

Ohhh boy...today's the day...the day where all moving madness TRULY begins....

That's right, it's the day to actually take a look at my new place D: You know what that means right??

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So much to do!!!

...there's seriously a never ending list of things to do - namely telling nearly everything and anything that you're with that you're changing addresses. Doesn't seem like such a big deal right? ...not in my case D:<

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Slacker to the max~

I've been wanting to post an entry the last couple of days, but in the end I decided not to...why? That's cause:

1) I get really tired (cause I usually want to post an entry at around 12AM soo... :S
2) There's nothing really THAT interesting anyways
3) I'm just plain lazy...as if I haven't had to work like crazy with the packing and stuff >___>;;

But yes...it's about high-time I got down to post something :P
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Time's creeping up behind slowly...

I can't believe I'll be moving next week...time truly flies by so fast. I said I would talk about my little outing from yesterday and here it is :3
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Another boiling day >___>;;

What's up with the weather these few days?? IT'S SO HOT!!! *dies in the heat* when I came back home, the underground lot was like a freaking SAUNA...I had to run outta there after getting out of the car cause it was hard to breathe... *sighs* but anyways...today was the Spain Germany game! Like Paul the psychic octopus predicted, Spain won the game.

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Yes...I'm kinda experimenting the different blues available (although I don't really see a difference between this one and the one I usually use :S). Anyways, like I said, I'd do a double post today!!! Not much to update however...but I am kinda bored and my computer's being blah so things are loading extra slow...maybe it's the weather??

...yeah right.
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Yesterday was day...5 of packing, and one of the worst days yet! It's truly hard to find any sort of peace and quiet...except for the morning where I'm the only one at home. I pray that I won't have to move anytime soon after this time, cause it's like going through a nightmare...to say my mom's stressed isn't enough to cover it.

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What a pineapple!

Ahh Saturdays...one of my favourite days of the week (closely followed by Sunday LOL) for a good reason. It's the day where I go out!! As for Sunday...it's the day where I can for sure sleep in till the late hours of the afternoon (unless something's planned that day) even when I'm in school :D

What does this mean? Well...I'll tell you what that means...

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Day 1 of packing...

...packing is definitely a pain. Especially when you have a crap load of stuff and not enough boxes to put them in >___>;; What makes it worse? When your other family members *cough*mymom*cough* get REAL cranky/stressed over it. Yeah yeah I know moving can be pretty stressful but man...

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